He Eye Hospital Prevention of Blindness-Thanksgiving Party in He University


Thanksgiving Party in He University

“Start to start, we all are the children. Final to final, aspire to become angel. Ballads and ballads hide in the shadows of the fairy tale. Children's children, where will they fly and stay…” On 28th, Nov. 2014, a charity evening party with the theme of “Light the Bright” was held by He University Optometrist Association as night fell.


The drama written by Optometrist Association throughout the evening party, and expressed its passion for He University and optometry in an innovative and unique way. President He and Xiaoai, the characters of the drama told us how to achieve the ideal of life and realize our value through actors' wonderful performances and inspirational lines, which won a lot of applause and pushed the atmosphere of evening party to the climax.




The songs with dance “Heartbeat”, “Short Hair” and “Days in East Road of Beijing” moved the audience deeply and the video made by Optometrist Association also won tremendous applause.




The evening party was closed in the chorus of “Swan Goose” and “Our Dream” by students from Optometry department. The members of Optometrist Association showed He University students’ elegant demeanor, and their actions will drive us to move towards a bright future.