NHDRC Team Assessed Vision First, China Act Project in Beizhen County

Representatives from National Health Development Research Center of P.R.China arrived in Beizhen county, Liaoning province on November 28th,2014 to assess the progress of the Vision First, China Act Phase III Project. This project aims to establish a county-town-village level network for the prevention and treatment of blindness in Liaoning province.  


Group photo in Beizhen People’s Hospital


The assessment team visited Beizhen People’s Hospital and Luoluopu Center Health Center, conducted field research of eye screening activities and basic-level doctors training organized by local doctors. In the symposium that the assessment team, Health Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau and Disabled Federation of Beizhen attended, the assessment team gave full affirmation to the work of He Eye Care System (HECS) and Beizhen People‘s Hospital, and made a propsal of further integrating various resources to benefit local people, to complete the construction of the county-town-cillage levelnetwork and pushed this advanced mode to nationwide. 


Background information: To realize the target of VISION 2020 that the World Health Organization initiated, HECS has involved in the prevention of blindness in China with the philosophy of “Development, Multilateral Benefit, Serving People and the Country”. As the location of  Liaoning Provincial Vision 2020 Office, HECS has operated a lot of  activities of the  prevention and treatment of blindness in Liaoning province.


Group photo of assessment team, local doctors of Beizhen city and staffs from HECS



Eye diseases screening


Basic-level doctors training


Photo of symposium